Deon's Background:

Deon grew up in South Africa in a traditional reformed religious setting.Deon & Averille Gerber

On July 5, 1966, just five days after his 18th birthday, he had a spiritual rebirth. In April 1967, he underwent water baptism and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Even during these early days of his relationship with the Lord, he felt a divine calling to be a prophetic teacher, sharing his insights with people around the world.

Deon has always been fascinated by the Holy Spirit. He passionately teaches about the Holy Spirit's role in our daily lives, describing Him as the 'everyday Holy Spirit' who is both powerfully magnificent and practically relevant. The Holy Spirit bridges the gap between us as individuals and the completed work of Christ.

Averille's Background:

Averille grew up in a Pentecostal environment in South Africa.

In 1968, she had her own spiritual awakening, followed by water baptism and receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit the next year.

Averille comes from a lineage of preachers and ministers. Her grandfather, Pastor CJ Prinsloo, founded Members in Christ Assemblies in South Africa and Canada. Her parents, Pastors Erenst and Irah van Rooyen, served in ministry since 1955. Despite Averille's mother passing away in 2010, her father persevered in his ministry and later remarried. He remained dedicated to his ministry, fostering unity within the Kingdom of God until his passing in May 2023.

Averille possesses a significant prophetic anointing and a keen insight into the Holy Spirit. Her discernment has been a blessing to many in the Christian community.

Deon and Averille's Journey:

Deon and Averille got married in 1974 and are blessed with three children: Magnus (who is married to Chiara), Wiehahn (married to Silvana), and Lenise (married to Lourens de Jager). Although their children were once residing and working in London, Lenise's family relocated to South Africa in February 2018, and Wiehahn's family followed suit in October 2020.

Their Ministry:

In 1980, Deon and Averille sensed a calling to full-time ministry. They pastored several assemblies of the Pentecostal Protestant Church in South Africa. In 1999, guided by the Holy Spirit, they established God’s Word Ministries—a non-denominational prophetic teaching ministry. This transition led to significant changes in their approach.

Through God's guidance, they have transformed old thought patterns and mindsets. The Holy Spirit's intense guidance has illuminated their understanding of God's current ways and movements.

Deon's educational background includes theological training and a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of South Africa. He and Averille are also skilled prophetic counsellors, bringing Christ-centred healing and restoration to individuals worldwide.

Their Impact:

Deon and Averille's influence spans various domains, including the marketplace, churches, groups, and individuals. They are committed to helping people fulfil their destinies and have traveled to many countries for this purpose.

Their website:

Their website will play a central role in achieving their mission, even as they continue extensive travels.

Contact Information:

You can reach out to Deon & Averille at:

Deon (Mobile): +27 82 396 5151
Averille (Mobile): +27 84 305 6784
Email: or

Feel free to connect with the ministry for ways to get involved. Your ongoing prayers are greatly appreciated.

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