Colossians 1:27-28Deon and Averille Gerber have a deep and passionate commitment to seeing Christ practically revealed in the lives of believers. Their vision for a generation living out the essence of Colossians and being perfected in Christ is at the core of their ministry. They believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform and empower individuals to live out God’s purpose in every aspect of their lives.

Their journey began in 1999 when they were led by the Holy Spirit to establish God's Word Ministries, a non-denominational prophetic teaching ministry. Their ministry aims to provide powerful life coaching and teachings for believers' everyday walk in the Holy Spirit, with a strong emphasis on realizing God's original intent for humanity.

The foundation of their ministry is based on Colossians 1:27-28, where Christ in us is recognized as the hope of realizing the glory. Their teaching approach is characterized by a practical and common-sense perspective, centred on proclaiming Christ, guiding, admonishing, and instructing believers with comprehensive insight into God's ways and purposes.

As founders of God's Word Ministries, Deon and Averille Gerber are committed to spreading their vision globally. Their website serves as a platform to share their teachings, and they are dedicated to seeing individuals, churches, groups, and businesses impacted by the transformative power of Christ's presence in their lives. They welcome involvement and collaboration from those who share their vision and desire to see Christ practically revealed in every sphere of life.

Their personal life story likely sheds light on their journey, experiences, and the events that have shaped their passion and commitment to this ministry

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